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Why You Should Never Delete Your Facebook Friends

Posted on May 07, 2013 by vanwestmedia

"Just cleaned out my friends list on Facebook! If you can still see this status, you made the cut!" Yes, because nothing says friendship like a Facebook official friendship. Social media has become a … Continue reading →

When the Future Recalls the Past

Posted on May 06, 2013 by vanwestmedia

Nostalgia is an emotion that everyone can relate to as the past affects the future. It is a way to bring people together with one common theme that hits home. Advertisers understand the power of emoti … Continue reading →

Internet Marketing For Real Estate

Posted on May 03, 2013 by vanwestmedia

Your exposure on the internet as a real estate broker is crucial as it is where the majority of your sales begin. Over 85% of real estate transactions start online through sites like Trulia, Streetea … Continue reading →

BYOD in the Workplace

Posted on May 02, 2013 by vanwestmedia

As the business world thrives in technology, mobility is key in this fast-paced industry as many companies are already using the "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" method in their workplace. People want … Continue reading →

Internet Marketing Through PPC

Posted on May 01, 2013 by vanwestmedia

When it comes to internet marketing, paid search advertising through pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) come to mind as they are the most effective tactics. Many real estate agen … Continue reading →