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BYOD in the Workplace

May 2, 2013

As the business world thrives in technology, mobility is key in this fast-paced industry as many companies are already using the “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” method in their workplace. People want what they want when they want it. This may refer to a business meeting in a coffee shop, a conference out-of-state or an elaborate opening at a store. Work doesn’t only take place in an office and as time goes on, business employees may not even have a specific office to congregate in. The old-fashioned ways of a business strictly in an office space may be necessary for an entire company to have official meetings but technology has made it possible for everything needed for a business to occur remotely.


With web-based project collaboration sites like Basecamp and Github, members of a project including advertisers, designers, developers and the clients themselves can reach out to one another about a project. Meetings can be scheduled on a universal calendar, discussion can be made throughout and files can be easily uploaded and retrieved from any device. Questions and concerns can also easily be answered on the go through a smartphone or tablet as well as a desktop due to these web-based features.

Mobile phones rather than an office phone also link you to your clients on a more personal level. You don’t want to be like any other business where your client can just be another lead among the masses. You want to connect with them that makes them feel special so that they feel like they are getting the best of your services accustomed to them. A personal relationship is unlike a professional one but if you can combine the two successfully, your bond will be stronger than ever. It’s important to connect with clients in this manner to build a strong company that is close to your client base.


The convenience of a mobile device also adds to building a great company. With meetings in several places and a numerous amount of clients to satisfy, people want to feel like you are “always there for them” to help them with their every need. There is a huge difference in satisfaction when a client is leaving a message with your secretary and when they are leaving a message directly to your cell phone. They will feel more connected on a personal level and be more likely to expect a response from you.

In today’s world, smartphones can do almost anything from sending and receiving calls, texts and emails to browsing the web. It’s important to take advantage of the opportunities mobility can provide us. By having this method available for your employees, it’s easier to keep track of what is going on with projects and to contact one another regardless of where they are. The future will eventually be mobile so you might as well get a head start and take advantage of these opportunities now.