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Internet Marketing For Real Estate

May 3, 2013

Your exposure on the internet as a real estate broker is crucial as it is where the majority of your sales begin. Over 85% of real estate transactions start online through sites like Trulia, Streeteasy and Naked Apartments.

Just like clients are doing their research on several homes, there are clients that research real estate agents to find the best one for their situation. This is why digital marketing is important for real estate brokers. Real estate is an industry that involves personal contact and clients only want to work with someone who is experienced and has their best interest at heart. The relationship between a broker and client is very personal as they are trying to find a “home.” As a broker, it is important to have a great reputation with your neighborhood, your clients and your company.

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Internet marketing tools like e-mail marketing campaigns and paid search advertising are what highlights the accomplishments and great reputation of a real estate broker. These online marketing tactics help brokers reach out to their community so that those unaware of  their expertise are informed. This strategy also keeps real estate brokers in touch with past clients so that future referrals can be made as well. Any business person would say that great online marketing tactics and strategies will bring in leads and traffic but in real estate, the personal relationship will create a tighter bond and connect the broker to the rest of the neighborhood.

Connections are everything in this industry and the internet gives you the ability to reach out to everyone digitally. People like working with those they know about and can trust and real estate brokers can ensure this by presenting themselves on the web. Building these relationships online include introducing yourself, the work you’ve done and your connection to the neighborhood but that’s only the beginning. It’s important to tell your story as well so that people see you as “real” and really get to know you. For example: “Jane Doe. Soccer Mom. Runner.” Things like these help clients relate to you and make them more inclined to trust you as their broker. It will also make you more memorable as there is a myriad of real estate brokers in a neighborhood.


And now, where would you place this information? That’s where marketeers come into play. We can help you create a site, blog, LinkedIn profile page, email outreach campaigns, follow-up emails and other social media outlets. Wherever you think your audience is, we can make sure you are connected with them in the best way.