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What is in a Name?

October 6, 2012

What is in a name?  She wondered the same thing…

Whether you’re deciding the name of your business or the name of your domain, make it fun, communicative and memorable.  Best way to do this?  Brainstorm with your partners, employees, friends and family.  Write down a few names on a mock business card then see which words (and ideas) are attractive to you.  Narrow your choices down to five names.  Be picky.


How do they fly?  Do people like them?  Will they work?  Does another business already own your desired name?  Keep asking.  Keep searching.  Keep going.  Don’t stop.

This piece of the puzzle can be frustrating and daunting, particularly if you’re having trouble finding a name with an available domain.  Never fear, we found a tool we love that helps you find an original and lucrative name for your business and domain.

NameMediaCompany has released its new tool called NameFind that helps you craft your business name based off keywords, available domain names, and popularity.   Pretty useful and (may I say) fun.

You start by entering keywords into a search engine and the site shows you a number of names, sites, and domains you might like or draw inspiration from.  This is what came up when I entered ‘music maker’ into the search:

Then you take some available names you like, and plop them into the column on the side marked compare share.  Then you can share the names you’ve developed on your social media sites or compare each name with one another.  This is a three step tool that’s great for a small business owner who is having trouble deciding between a few names or finding a domain that’s available and within their budget.

Keep in mind, you should never use this tool without brainstorming first.  A tool will never have the intuition you have with your own business.  You should start there and then use this tool to sharpen.  This tool will never have the ingenuity or imagination you do, so start there.  Then go to NameFind.