Everlasting Education

September 25, 2012

An article in the Times last Saturday stressed the importance of defining your craft, particularly if your craft is computer centric.  Today simply being a computer consultant is no longer specialized enough.  Our economy is too tight and our resources are too vast.  We must ask ourselves and specify what type of consultant we are in order to play.


With a surplus of a services and deficient resources, consumers are less likely to take risks.  When you make yourself and your business extremely specific you let people know what they’re buying before they buy it.  Its a guarantee.  When you define (and refine) yourself, people trust you more with their time, money, and business.

We also have to keep educating ourselves on the type of industry we’re in and the type of services we offer.  Education follows specification.  Get out your pencils and notebooks ladies and gentlemen, you will be tested on this later.

“virtually everyone whose job is touched by computing — are being forced to find new, more efficient ways to learn as retooling becomes increasingly important not just to change careers, but simply to stay competitive on their chosen path.”-Shailia Dewan, NY Times

Making simple changes to the services you offer or the way in which you offer them gives you an edge in this capricious environment.  It makes you irreplaceable.  You become that business that does that specific thing.  People remember you and will keep you working.  Once you’ve specified who you are, learn one new skill within your specificity each day. Define, education, offer.

In the spirit of education, here’s something we learned this week:

The folks at StreamSend have developed a new app to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.  If you’re not familiar with StreamSend, they’re an email marketing campaign tool as simple as MailChimp but less playful.

They’ve developed a smart little call-to-action widget that imbeds into your videos, which can be imbedded into your emails.  This widget allows your readers and customers to view your video, share it, click to your website, or sign up for your newsletter.  It’s a really simple call to action tool which is placed in the those tricks we love most; videos.

You can even upload videos from youtube into your emails and still have the full functionality of this app.  Its really easy and gives ease to your email campaign, and even Jimmy’s doing it!

This is one tool of many for you to learn today.  What else it out there?