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Worth a Thousand Words

October 3, 2012

In the spirit of educating ourselves, we spent a little more time researching apps that enhance your images online and promote your business in life.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words…but a link on an image is worth a thousand new customers.  We found several new tools that can turn your online images into clickable, linkable, convertible tools for your business.  We’re loving these apps that fully functionalize your images…because images is the number one thing we few online.

What are the apps we recommend?  Here we go:

Taggstar:  This is a terrific app if you need to include a lot of information with your images.  With this app you can imbed videos, songs, e-commerce and more into your images.  This app is straight forward and increases engagement up to 40 percent.  Also?  This app is totally free.

Stipple: Do you need to upload your image through a URL?  That’s fine.  Need to upload it via your blog, harddrive or social media site?  No problem.  This app allows you to upload your images from a variety of sources and allows for the full interactive functionality you crave.  Stipple also ensures that the images you create for your business will be linked back to you and avoid getting lost through the great Internet share.

Thinglink:  This is the perfect image imbed app for the social media based business.  You can incorporate links from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Vimeo, even MailChimp.

These three are all pretty great, but there are a ton of them out there.  If these don’t suit your exact business needs, get picky.  You’ll find the right one out there.