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Top Marketing Strategies in 2013

January 2, 2013

http://www.car.org/3550/100769/MediaKit2013_cover2.jpgMarketing strategies change constantly to adhere to audiences, depending on what they are demanding. Ways to advertise a company are endless but after careful consideration of consumers and their responses within the past few months, the trend forecast shows the following are the top marketing strategies for 2013:

1. Don’t just be another brand. Logos and names may bring your company towards audiences but it’s the image brought upon the consumers that makes a difference. What does it mean for the person that is involved with your product? Is it eco-friendly, healthy or classy? Is it considered new or “cool”? Knowing your demographic and the impact your product or services have on them is important to capture your audience. By associating the company to something already trending, sales are more likely to thrive and make it in the industry.

2. Combine forces for cross-marketing. In relation to correlating your company to an image or an already-established brand, one can spend half the cost and reach a larger audience. Brands that compliment each other can collaborate to increase sales for both parties. These opportunities shouldn’t be looked over as success has more of a chance with less risk, bringing the best of both worlds to this strategy.

3. Redeveloping the company image. What’s in this year may not be what’s in the following year. It’s important to rebrand your company image to pertain to the trends of the time being. The image needs to be visually relevant for audiences to spend their money on the product or service. It doesn’t have to be a complete rebranding, just a new perspective of the company. By shedding a new light, audiences will look at the product or service in a new manner, giving new opportunities for the company.