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NYC Buildings Pursue Online Market

January 4, 2013

The New York City real estate field enters the online market as many start-up companies are growing exponentially through web advertising. By creating sites with sleek and modern looks, new buildings can compare their sites to those of the elite multi-million dollar condominiums. This notion brings clients to perceive them in the same light as those prominent in the market already, giving them the necessary push in today’s economy.

Lunch with brokers used to top off handing out brochures and having powerpoint slides but the web brings so much more to the plate. From dynamic video tours to high-quality imagery, clients can feel like they are there standing in the actual building while in the comfort of their own home. These advancements in technology are mind-blowing and give clients the ability to search through several buildings at the same time for comparisons. Introducing buildings to the public rather than just on an individual basis also drives the market and brings in more clients.

Established buildings don’t need to enter the online advertising world or rebrand/modernize their look and feel as they already have a rooted association to their name and building. With the economy in such a rut, these online marketing tactics are necessary for new buildings that are starting from the bottom-up. Without this kind of advertising, it would be hard to make it in this world today. New buildings need to bring themselves out into the world and these new eye-catching sites are the way to go.