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Replatforming: Time and Budget

December 28, 2012

Replatforming may seem like a lot of work but it’s important to keep your business up with your competition to satisfy your customers’ needs. However, finishing on time and on budget is what’s difficult to achieve.

Research is necessary in this process as it takes preparation to achieve success. Choosing a great e-commerce platform gives your company the look you want and the management tools needed to run your site but which one is the best for your company? Choosing the correct one for your company is important as you’d be stuck with the decision as a long-term commitment. From long-term goals to price, you should choose the most flexible and hands-on for your transition with your customers’ best interests in mind.

Time is of the essence and turnarounds aren’t ready so quickly. The average replatform is delayed up to four months. Instead of rushing to finish everything on a three-month deadline, you need to be more realistic when it comes to your needs. You need to count on a couple of weeks for any unexpected troubleshooting or non-platform issues. It’s also important to choose a date that provides enough legroom so that it doesn’t overlap with a crucial time such as the Holidays. Six months before the season begins is the typical time for a company to start replatforming.

Planning in advance is critical to this process as delay is the most common roadblock in successful replatforming. Allocating the necessary resources and right adjustments for the new system need to be maintained before starting the process. By providing all the details and data, the replatform will be much easier to build and develop.

It is critical to know all the main features of replatforming and the necessary steps to go through the process. Expressing your business through e-commerce can make the difference in the success of your company compared to others. Once you have made the steps to go through the process, it should be easy to replatform successfully.