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The Power of Photographic Content

October 15, 2013

The myriad of social media content is overwhelming sometimes and only the few that really interest a large group of people gets spread across all networks virally. What makes your content stand out to people? Think about what people look towards when reading a book. PICTURES.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that is absolutely correct when it comes to capturing your audience. Pictures can show an entire story at a glance while text requires more time involved. In this generation, we are all for instant gratification. We are impatient and go for the easy route for things like looking at an image rather than reading the paragraph written about it. Now that you understand the power of an image, it’s important to see what makes an image the best it can be to get your point across.

An image can tell your brand’s story and your story is what your audience will remember.

Johnson & Johnson as a family company.
  • By using only one image to concentrate on so your viewers are pulled into the frame, you will only have one focal view point. Along with this idea is the view point of your employees, which makes your company seem real.
  • The idea of “realness” is one that brands really need to connect with their audience because then the message seems like neighborly advice that you can relate to rather than feeling like a targeted audience.

Emotions are evoked through photos. Many people don’t believe things until they see them and photos make a story genuine.

Mark Zuckerberg as face of Facebook.
  • Don’t just use stock imagery. Take real photos of the people in your office and surroundings for your branding whether it is for your web or print marketing. This makes you stand out among the others and so you’re not “just another company.”
  • These photos are a storefront for your company that lure viewers in to try what you have to offer. You have to see how your brand is seen from the viewer perspective. Is that what you would like to see in a business? If it’s what you would like to so, it could possibly be what others would like to as well.

Sometimes, pictures can explain things that words can’t.

GAP presenting their style on Instagram.
  • When it comes to things like instructions on how to assemble a complicated object, we don’t know the names to all of the required pieces. If you see a hook and there is an arrow that tells you it goes into the large tube, you get a better idea of where and how things are placed together.
  • For fashion, and make-up, there is also a lot of imagery necessary so people can visualize the outcome. Many people post how to style their outfits by either laying them out or wearing them. When you see things next to each other, you can compare and contrast different parts to see what you like best to express your style.

Simplicity is best when it comes to your photos.

Boathouse Rocketts Landing presents their "Perfect Troika".
  • Too many filters and saturation makes it looks fake. You took an image for a reason, to make your brand seem real like everyone else. If you edit the image too much, you might as well have gotten a stock photo.
  • In relation to having only one photo, don’t have more than one activity happen in one image. You want your customer to focus on what you are trying to convey. Whether it be an object or a specific action, that should be the only thing in their mind when they look at your photo.

Photos make a huge difference when it comes to branding. There are many different ways to go about this and many mistakes you can make along the way that will hold you back. Don’t fall for trying to do too much and you can get the right message across.