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Conquering Call-to-Action on Social Media

October 16, 2013

Social media is the fastest way to get yourself out there. It is quick and with a mere 180 characters or a simple phrase, you can make a status of just about anything. However, it is difficult to measure your ROI from social media marketing because of this ease. What can you do to resolve this problem? Call-to-action gives you a chance to measure the activities of those interacting with you on social media.

When you include Call-to-action in your social media marketing strategy, you also give yourself a chance to reach out with each interaction correctly. When someone is simply asking a question, you can easily answer them. When a potential customer wants to know what to do next, you can motivate them to take the next step towards engagement and purchasing. You can even provide your followers with promotional codes so that you can follow the exact links and social network they are coming from. There are so many ways you can measure call-to-action ROI through social media.

You can’t expect your audience to know what to do next. Provide them with the correct forms to fill out when they are concerned about a certain aspect of your brand. Action verbs should always be used in your posts. This will tell your audience what to do and motivate them to get involved with what you have to offer. Using certain optimal words and correct timing, you can understand how to reach other to each kind of audience. By having giveaways and promotions, you can give people limited time offers that they can’t refuse. This gives people less of a chance to think about what to do and give in to your ads.

You should also cater your call-to-actions by which social media network they came from. From likes to retweets, you can reach a larger audience and you can offer promotional deals for those who help you spread the word.  You should also reward those that follow you so that more people are inclined to do so as well. This makes people feeling special to be a part of your network and happy that they get these exclusive deals. If everyone can get it, then what’s the point? People like having opportunities that others can’t and are more likely to participate in this manner.

However, the marketing doesn’t stop at social media posts. You need to have a great and relevant landing page for your audience. This is what can capture them one they make it into your circle of opportunities. You have to give them enough information to want more but not so much that they can leave satisfied without filling out some call-to-action forms. Once you lead them to the correct forms, they can opt in and you can analyze where and when your social media followers are connecting with you!