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Overcoming Lack of Content & Budgeting Resources

October 14, 2013

Marketing through content is the strongest brand building tactic there is as it drives leads and generates sales. However, it’s understandable that building content can be difficult without a strong budget or research team. How is it that small businesses can be sustainable through content marketing? Micro-content marketing.

Provide your audience with concise and useful information. It should targeted for your audience’s wants and needs. You goal should be to make your micro content into part of your audience’s daily routine.  Think quick and simple things like quotes and tips. Simple useful things that can help people along with their day without taking too much of their time is the best method to leave an impact in people’s minds. You are constantly there, yet not annoying them with too much.

Streamlining content is the most efficient way to present content. By doing so, you get a whole batch of information that is relevant to each other. By creating a weeks worth or months worth of content, you also don’t have to worry about having nothing to put out on a day where you are just too busy to write anything. There is consistently with this method and that makes your audience look to you as a reliable source.

Easy-to-access information will be seen by the largest audience. Yes, this sounds like common sense but many businesses don’t understand that the content needs to be easily read on all types of devices. An adaptive design for your content can be as simple as text that is larger or laid out in a simpler manner on smaller devices like a smartphone or tablet. You don’t want your audience to have to zoom in on their tiny screens in order to read what you have to say. You would hate to do that and so will your audience.

Consistency is key to your branding tactic. Whether it is the layout, voice or topic of content you present, you want it to remain consistent. If you are all over the place, your audience will not understand what you are doing. They want to turn to you for information that you are an expert of writing about. By having a main topic, people will find you more reliable as a source of news. I’m not saying that you need a very specific topic, but rather a range of things that can at least correlate to each other is best for one source to write about.

Allow sharing of your content. This is very important. How does your information get viral or spread to others? If you don’t have social media sharing capabilities for your content, you are limiting your potential greatly. People also share things all over the web as it is the easiest way to show another something. A Facebook post or Tweet can go a long way with Likes, Retweets and Favorites. These are signs that show their popularity and if your content gets on there, then you have a chance to show a great number of people what you have to offer. Also, don’t just let others share your content. Spread what you have to say on multiple social media networks and share things yourself!