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The Evolving Workplace

December 24, 2012

The internet is changing the nature of the workplace as social media networks and apps have entered the business world. Better insight and productivity can lead to better sales through this process as this generation responds to this method effectively.

Social Media going “company-wide” can be used as an office-productivity tool. It can collaborate ideas more easily and enhance the communication not only within the office but across enterprises as well. Human Resource departments are already using social media to connect with job seekers to speed up the application process. Sales teams are using social media to generate leads and track clients as they move through sales. Operations and distribution teams are watching supply chains, while research and development squads brainstorm product ideas. Social Media is going to be seen as a strong business tool in the future, compared to its outlook as a networking tool now.

Although it may seem positive to have these advantages with smartphones and tablets in the office, the digital world sets no boundaries to employees leaving it unpredictable. Social media is the fastest way to spread news and businesses are afraid of employees spreading confidential data or making the company look bad. With social apps on phones and tablets, it is more critical to keep employees in check about the statuses that are posted on Facebook or Twitter.

Social Media will always influence mass audiences but is it safe for large companies? There are certainly many advantages to this marketing tactic that can bring a business ahead in the game. Though this is true, confidentiality is an issue. No one can know for sure until they take that risk or watch others dive into that sphere. The question is “Are you willing to take that risk if your business is at stake or are you going to stand by and watch others surpass you in taking that risk before you?”