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Customer Retention

December 26, 2012

Achieving customer satisfaction entails many aspects, especially with those on the web who can be manipulated in a myriad of ways. The advantage of the web is the strong relationship that can be made without a constant physical meeting. However, with the lack of effort, online retention can be harmful to a business-client relationship.

Client feedback is crucial to a business’ success. It’s important to know what customers think about your products and services in order to move forward or make improvements. By correlating your business to clients’ responses, it shows that you care about their thoughts and take it into consideration. This positive relationship makes customers feel connected to the company and enhances customer retention.

Effort is necessary in connecting with clients, especially on the web, but one must hold back from being too overwhelming. By reminding your customers that you’re there for them, people are more inclined to participate in your offers. It is important to keep in touch when there is relevant news available. However, businesses shouldn’t send e-mails, texts and other reminders so constantly as it may annoy customers. This may lead to adding your messages to junk mail, spam or just deleted. Balance is what can keep your business in the game in this situation. One must show effort to keep a relationship but mustn’t be too attached to keep it from moving forward.

A way to keep the effort balance in check is by tracking customers and their purchases. By tracking sale trends, it’s easier to understand the customer better and to plan the customer retention strategies. Presence also plays a role in this case as being there to answer customers’ concerns 24/7 is critical in this generation. With mobile devices, people are expected to be constantly available to assist others.

The success of a business depends on the successful customer experience. By knowing what customers want, connecting without overwhelming and keeping up with customers’s needs and concerns, a business can thrive. To analyze these processes, place yourself in your client’s position. By auditing the customer experience, it is easier to understand what they need, Catering to your clients will make their lives easier and your job more gratifying, leaving you with a successful business with happy customers.