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Apocalyptic Marketing

December 21, 2012

Regardless of whether or not the world “ended”, there was definitely a different mindset for people these past few days. No time was wasted and the majority of people were focused on achieving their goals with time left to live through them. This outlook on one’s business is one that everyone should have on a daily basis, not just for the Apocalypse.

Why spend hours, or even days, discussing an agenda when it can easily be achieved in an hour at most? People usually get sidetracked or blab on about things whether they are necessary or not. This slows down the marketing process and leaves goals accomplished later. It is important to understand that time is valuable and costly, regardless of an Apocalyptic proclamation.

Time is also wasted when people don’t speak up or go with their gut. Dancing around what you actually want rather than going for it hinders yourself from achieving what you really want. Without some risks, one can only go so far. People usually decide to speak up later or “when they feel the time is right”, but when does the time ever “feel” right? Discussions of ideas between all parties are necessary to accomplish a greater goal for the good of any company.

What else makes a difference? Focus on what is meaningful. This is by far the most important. By achieving what is most necessary first, a business can accomplish more. Certain influential advertising features, such as changes to a site’s homepage, should be at the top of the to-do list rather than smaller things that may not affect the masses.

Apocalypse or not, these choices should be utilized to make the best of your business.