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Stay Up to Date with Gay-Support Design

June 28, 2013

What grabs people’s attention more than the current news? Design that responds to what is happening in the world awes people. It makes people think “They know what’s up.” and see your creativity as you incorporate that into your designs.

Gay pride has been everywhere recently as the Supreme Court bolstered gay marriage by advocating DOMA and Proposition 8. With this in mind, many brands have designed their ads in honor of this historic week. Grey Poupon, Absolut Vodka and many other brands showed their support in this movement. Check them out!


June is National Pride Month and what could be better than supporting the gays and their success. By advocating these supportive ads, these brands are making their stand to show that they care as well. This also opens up opportunity to get leads in the LGBT community! If you love the people, they will love you back and that is exactly what these brands are trying to enforce by designing these ads.