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Are You Making Money With Your Online Ads?

July 2, 2013

Making online ads just like any other type of advertising is a gamble. You put all this money to create these ads to place out there hoping that people will respond to them and become leads. However, you can’t just simply place things out there in the internet world and expect results. The best way to achieve online awareness is by word-of-mouth ONLINE.

1. The best way to achieve online awareness is by word-of-mouth ONLINE. This method is for things like search engine positioning placement and make a different on the web. Digital marketing agencies try to enhance this as much as possible for their clients through inbound marketing. Look at Facebook, for example. There are over a billion users on that social media network alone and each of those users “like” or “comment” things several times a day. If you have a strong Facebook presence, you should look into Facebook Ads. It may seem overwhelming at first, but Facebook has several steps to help you get started.

2. Measure and track your online analytics. If you don’t do this from the get-go, you will never know where you started and how far you’ve come from there. This will help you determine the success or failure of your efforts. If one marketing method isn’t bringing in leads, it’s time to change it up. If it is bringing in leads, then keep on heading in that direction!

The top things to track are the following:
– brand awareness – ex: Google Trends
– influence – ex: Klout
– audience engagement – ex: blog comments, twitter retweets/@ tweets, facebook comments, etc
– new email subscriptions – ex: Feedburner
– return on investments (ROI) from ads/posts/contests – ex: Google Analytics
– conversion rates – ex: Google Analytics

Online presence and tracking are key to online marketing. If people don’t know you’re there, you’re not going to get any traffic. Word-of-mouth online is much easier than in person. Once you post something, it’s available online for everyone to see. Also, the best way to know if you are making money with your online ads is obviously to track what you are doing and how others are responding to you. Once these two steps are down, you will on your way towards success with your online ads. However, don’t think it stops there. This is just a starting point so just keep going from there! Good luck! 🙂