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Designing for User Interface

June 27, 2013

The design of something is yes, made to be pleasing to look at but it is also made for functionality as well. Through graphic design, the throught process for creativity includes how a user will interact with your website whether it is through a desktop or a mobile device.


However you are designing the site will set the stage to how people will interact with it but the trick is that it has to be simple enough for your audience to understand. You are not there to give people the step-by-step process of how to go through the site you created and therefore, you need to combine creativity with simple functionality. The communication between your site and its user is what makes your design successful or not for marketing advertising design. This is very important, especially for designing a landing page.

A landing page is where people go to first on your site but if they don’t know where to go from there, your site will be a bust. Navigation is key and you need to make it clearly visible and easy to go through throughout the entire site. It’s important to explore the changes in media as well to understand how people are thinking differently. Ten years ago, no one even though about responsive design until new platforms to view websites were created. Now, people will use each device differently and there is so much more to take into account when designing a site.


Google has categorized people into three types of users:

1. Repetitive user: Someone who checks the same information over and over again such as e-mails or stock market prices or social network.

2. Bored user: Someone with time to kill that is just browsing through the internet.

3. Urgent user: Someone who is trying to find information about something specific as quickly as possible.

These types of users would each respond to your design differently and creative design agencies understand the difficulty of maintaining the site for all those users. It’s important to understand the necessity of balancing your creativity with the functionality of your site, especially in this day and age of growing technology.