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Social Media Customer Conversion

October 31, 2013

Getting your brand and message out there through social media is important but that’s just the beginning. You need to use the easily sharable messages and connections through Facebook, Twitter and other networks to your advantage and convert your followers into customers and we are here to help!

Here are some actionable marketing tips for social media:

1. Understanding your prospects goes beyond the buyer. You need to learn about who influences them to help you understand who really makes their decisions for them. You also need to see your buyer as an influencer as well. Social media connects everyone and allows everyone to influence each other in a sense. When you define your marketing persona and your social media buyer persona separately, you’ll be able to create more effective content.

2. Offer useful and relevant information instead of “marketeer” talk. People do not want random ads shot at them hoping that they will respond. Speak to your followers the way you want to be spoken to: in regular English. Maybe throw a little casual talk in there to get yourself on the same level as your prospects. You don’t want to bore people with incessant talk that they don’t comprehend. Also, when it comes to information about your product, provide useful information as well as customer reviews and ratings. This gives others a chance to see your credibility at first glance.

3. Lead your prospects in the right direction. You need to constantly make relevant calls-to-action on your posts. You can’t assume that your followers will go to your site or click a link you post but if you advertise to go to a link for something of value, they will know what to expect. However, you can’t just stop there! You need a relevant corresponding landing page as well so make sure you are giving your followers what they are expecting! If not, your credibility will be shot and you will be left with unhappy followers.

4. Stick to your goals and test them out! Your metrics should be aligned with your objectives! It’s great if you surpass them, but don’t make that a priority! You need the information of your followers in order to execute your marketing and getting some successfully is the way to go! What’s the best way to get the most out of this? By testing. Test different tactics through different social media networks to see what works best. Try and try again until you reach your goal! Once you reach your goal, continue in that path and maybe later you can try to surpass it but focus on your marketing as a whole first!

Social media may seem overwhelming and does require effort in many aspects. It’s understandable if your methods aren’t working and frustrate you but don’t let that bring you down! Try, try again until you reach your goals! You won’t regret the effort put in because the prospective outcomes give so much more back!