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Maximizing Your Brand with Instagram

October 29, 2013

Many turn to the Fortune 500 companies for branding ideas due to their known success and one of the main reasons is their appearance on social media. Social media is a very strong tactic that involves effort on their end but also expands due to its nature. The ability to be liked and shared easily is what makes social media so appealing. Your audience will not only enjoy being marketed to, but they will also be likely to market to others as a domino effect. This expands your audience base and in turn, makes you more successful.

Instagram is one of the newer social media networks, but don’t hesitate to jump into that realm as well. There are over 150 million monthly active users on Instagram and these users share over 16 billion images a month at an average rate of about 55,000 photos a day. Pictures do so much more than just mere words and with the ability to artistically filter your images? Well, that’s just adding to the professionalism.

Just like all other social media networks, effort is necessary when it comes to Instagram. 90% of Fortune 500 companies have posted once and at least 15% have posted once within the past month. It is important to have a regular schedule of posting to promote your brand through Instagram. Consistency is key and if you keep showing up in your follower’s feeds, then you are making a presence in their lives.

However, boosting your Instagram presence isn’t just about posting photos daily. It is about posting things that are of value. Post special deals, new products, ads, etc. Don’t just post anything for the hell of it. Photos are content and like words, you want to present something that people are inclined to like or comment on. Stir up something from your audience so that they don’t just quickly scroll past the image in their feed! If you affect someone, they will likely show it to their friends on their smartphone and you will have a larger presence.

What also makes Instagram easier to follow with as a social media network is  “the tap”. Tapping to like an image as you scroll quickly through your feed allows viewers to simply take a second and react to what you present. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, where you need to compose a comment and take time to do so, Instagram is made for those who live the fast-paced lives and scroll through feeds quickly. With the potential to gain thousands of likes on a photo, this appealing nature also helps brands to grow quickly as well. Instagram may be one of the newer social media networks but the billions of images posted by millions of users within the past 3 years show its potential.