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5 Constant Key Marketing Trends

November 5, 2013

Marketing has evolved over the years but there are many key trends that have remained the same over the years. This is due to the effectiveness of these marketing strategies. From attracting new customers to converting people into leads, your marketing strategy will definitely be positively impacted by implementing these tactics.

1. Social Media. By engaging people to participate by commenting, liking or sharing your content, you have more interaction and will gain more prospects. Make a presence across all platforms to really make a point as people use different types of social media for many different ways to impact on your branding potential. Participation and effort is also necessary. You can’t just make an account and let it be. When you create content on social media, that information can be shared so you don’t want to fall short there. However, remember that anything you post can be shared so be careful about what you post as well. Don’t post misleading information and lose your credibility.

2. Content Marketing. Think of yourself as a publisher. You are creating content for others so make sure that you are creating quality information that people are seeking. Your writing must be written well and have meaning to your readers. This mean constant blogging about anything your brand can relate to. Don’t just focus on one aspect of your business to write about. You can’t expect people to only be interested in that one aspect and you will minimize your demographic that way. Provide different types of content that all revolve around your brand and you will make the most of your writing.

3. Mobilize. In this day and age, people can access information on any device which means that you need content that can be viewed on different sizes. Look towards adaptive or responsive design. You want content to be visible on all mediums as that will lead to the most viewership. Many Google things on their phones all the time when they want to find out about something. Mobility is one of the driving forces now as people are on their smart phones almost the entire day. The key elements that should be available on all devices should be your contact information including your name, address and phone number. This will ensure that they can at least contact you for information.

4. Multidirectional Interaction. You can’t just depend on people to go to your website or visit your store to contact you. By using social media, you have the opportunity to respond to your customer’s needs. You can reply to reviews to either explain bad situations to others or to simply thank them for their great ratings. You should also rewards those that have opted in to your subscriptions or followed you on social media with special deals via social media or email. This will make them seem exclusive and more likely to engage with you. You can’t just depend on customers to come to you; you must go to them as well to get the most potential prospects you can!

5. Be consistent. You must ensure that everyone in your company is on the same page when it comes to marketing. You don’t want people to repeat themselves through social media and blogging and other content. That would be redundant unless you are mass posting through all networks to ensure the largest audience. Time is of the essence and wasting it hindering you from potential business. Make goals and objectives and stick to them. Have checklists and mark them as you go. Make sure everyone understands what they should be doing so that everything will be in place to market to your customers. Don’t fall behind because of unorganization. You can be your own enemy is this manner and only you yourself can help you overcome that.