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Online Marketing & Design: The Source to Success

January 16, 2013

Great communication is the main reason for a successful business but how is this achieved? Online marketing and design is what brings audiences and businesses together to give both groups what they strive to accomplish.

Why Online Marketing?
Many believe marketing in general to be dead when on the contrary, it has evolved more than ever today. Online marketing should be the most implemented when it comes to businesses these days. In this generation, people look towards the internet for almost everything as it gives almost instant gratification when it comes to research. Because the world is so fast-paced nowadays with technology people are impatient to wait on the phone for answers or feel the need to travel for services without looking them up first. By being invisible online, the business may as well be invisible to audiences as a whole. As technology is advancing, old-fashioned ways including phone calls, letters and e-mails just won’t cut it. It is important for businesses to understand that in order to make it in this industry, they must keep up with the market and in today’s economy online marketing is the way to go.

To Crowdsource a Design or Not?
Anyone can crowdsource a design but what are your benefits? Does it give value to your business? The designs may seem appealing at first, giving it the “glam” appeal. However, investing in these designs isn’t smart as they aren’t demographically based or as appealing to designs that are created by your market for your audience. These wouldn’t work well in the long run and don’t communicate effective as the creativity would be lacking for this marketing strategy. This hurts your business as creativity is a vital part to your message to your audience.

How the Combination Works Effectively
Marketing and design go hand-in-hand as they fulfill each other’s needs. Marketing creates the plan for sending a business’s message to its audience as design delivers the message to the right demographic effectively.  Marketing involves taking into account who is using the product/service, how audiences will interact with it and where to place it. The design aspect shows audiences what there is to offer, why it would appeal to audiences and why people should invest in it. Through this combination, audiences will receive your message clearly and hopefully, invest in what your business has to offer.