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Influence Marketing

January 18, 2013

Social Media. Ego. Trends. Popularity. These things influence the market and determine product sales to mass audiences. Most people purchase things they want more than things that things they need. The “want” is driven by how an individual feels with a product and how they feel when others see them with such product.

Did the person who sampled the new Doritos chip flavor end up buying the full bag? Did she buy that book that was featured on Oprah’s book club list? Did the T-Mobile customer change services when all her friends said that Verizon was better? Did people continue to eat Chik-Fil-A when they donated money to anti-gay organizations? It isn’t enough to just see if people buy a product is what salespeople and marketeers mainly check. Analyzing WHY people purchase a product is the main concern as it’s what drives sales.

Marketeers should focus on customers talking about their new product after they buy it. When customers rave about how great things are, their friends and family are more likely  willing to purchase it as well. Through social media, people can get positive feedback, pictures, videos and examples of how to use their products. This influential marketing tactic will be sure to drive sales as the business can see how others feel about their product and what they need to change to make it better as well.