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Parallax Scrolling: For Your Business

January 14, 2013

Parallax scrolling is on the rise as one of the most intriguing website techniques today. This technique involves layering images so that background images move by the screen slower than foreground images as you scroll through the site. It creates a dynamic view of depth through a two-dimensional screen. Things can also appear as the site’s code uses the navigational perspective of the scroll bar.

Through this method, viewers have an experience that is more intriguing and visually appealing. It is effective as a modern design with fluidity and easy navigation. The creative appeal to this is that it is very different from most sites, giving the ability for remembrance with consumers. It also gives the look of professionalism and effort with the appeal of being fun and modern. This technique places personality into the site with consumer interaction rather than just the placement of text and images. With dull industries such as banking and insurance, this method can increase the stay-time of users and keep them interested in the content.

The uniqueness of this technique locks down audiences regardless of the industry involved, giving an eclectic field of options. This method is effective to display information about the business in a memorable manner as well as a professional one. The balance between creativity and professionalism is often an issue but parallax scrolling fits nicely between the two, making it the most appealing method of today.