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Mobile Web Design Fundamentals for Success

January 7, 2013

Creating a mobile website can help your company/brand flourish. However, it’s challenging to design an enriched user experience for smartphones and even tablets. Here are some tips to help your mobile web design influence the Web business:

1. Simplicity is the key to a great mobile design. There is less space on a mobile device and over-designed sites can hinder its usability. It should only feature the most important aspects in a user-friendly way. This omits large graphics and extensive coding as it takes longer for pages to load in this manner. One column navigation should also be used to prevent scrolling. If there are more underlying pages, collapsable links can be used. Mobility should involve quick-to-access sites so consumers can receive the information easily on the go.

2. Touch screen tapping is how most mobile devices are accessed. It’s important for links and navigation buttons to be large enough for users to tap with their fingers. This also involves an easily navigable format so users know where to click to find what they need. The content should be organized logically and be clearly labeled.

3. Focusing content is important and you need to keep your objective in mind. When categorizing the content of the mobile site, it’s important to understand why users are going to your site and what they are looking for. This will help determine what content should be written and where it should be placed.You can determine this by using programs such as Google Analytics to pinpoint where traffic is coming from.

4. A solid backend will make it easier to modify the mobile site once it’s up and running. Through this, you can spend less time editing the site and more time focusing on other aspects of your marketing strategy and businees goals.

Going mobile may seem like a lot of work but once you get the important fundamentals down, you can achieve a successful mobile site and increase your profits exponentially.