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Marketing Trust Through Content

November 18, 2013

When you build content, you want your readers to invest their time to hear what you have to say. This can be ensured by making relevant content that is unique and trustworthy to others. You can set the standard of your content from your strong designs and compelling visuals but when it comes down to it, the content is what is going to really set you apart from others. Here are some questions to think about to market your trust through your content.

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1. Who are you? Think about what you can bring to your readers. Your goal is to show your audience you know what you’re talking about. However, don’t just be like an information robot either. Give some unique personal information about yourself so that people can see that you are real. A quirky human is much more interesting than an mundane information robot. To add to this, use a human voice. Don’t just state facts on top of facts.

2. Why should people buy from you? What makes you stand apart from others? You need to show that you bring something of value to your audience. Have presentations of how your product or services can be used. This can include how-to’s, styling, recipes, etc. This can also contribute to the demographic you are trying to reach. Think about their interests and how you can incorporate your product or service into their lifestyle.

3. Where is your proof? What credentials and experience do you have? By including your history, background and experience, credibility is shown to your viewers. Use photographs to show your company itself and the products you have. It’s also great to have photos and reviews of those using your products as well. Reviews allow others to see what is good and bad about your product. It’s good to show this to your viewers up front so that you seem more real. You can then show how you are trying to improve your product for the future as well. Also, if you don’t have reviews about your product viewers will try to find them elsewhere and you don’t want them to leave your website.

4. How can prospective customers contact you? Whether it is your address, phone number or e-mail, you need to make sure it’s easy for viewers to contact you. Your hours should also be written somewhere on your website so viewers know when you are available to respond. Include social media as well so people can follow and promote you. Tagging people allows social media to be one of the quickest methods of contacting businesses. It is a straight shot message to the company about your own personal opinions and you can reply to them in a manner that make you look good to the public by apologizing and thanking those contacting you.

5. What are your rules and policies? Privacy policy, terms of use and a copyright notice make your business more legitimate. You need to be precise in these pages to protect your brand. You also need to ensure privacy protection for those that opt in to your newsletter, e-books or services. Your audience is trusting you with their personal information and you don’t want to break their trust.

Content is very important to build your brand but building a trusting frame around your content is the start of it all. If you don’t have that, then who will believe what you have to say? Gain the trust of your audience and build your brand from there. The potential results will increase greatly and you will have a great relationship with your audience.