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Business Questions to Help You Succeed

November 13, 2013

In order to become more successful, you must evolve and in order to do that, one must question oneself constantly. Your brand, whether it is small or large, always has the ability to become better that it already is. Here are some questions to ask yourself to further your brand with higher goals:

1. Can you extend your expertise to a broader audience? You can’t just throw a sales pitch out there. In order to be effective, you need to think in terms of providing practical help for your audience by presenting them with information that they can actually use. Offer webinars with tips and step-by-step processes to bring them to success. Create e-books that provide valuable information connecting your brand with the information your audience needs to build your brand. And, most importantly, share your content on all networks to reach more people. This will spread all of this new useful information your brand offers.

2. How can you give prospects useful information that relates to your product? You must develop how-tos that connect your product with your audience. When you give people your product, they may not know how to incorporate it into their lives. You can’t expect people to know exactly how your product works without showing them. For many products including food, clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc. there are various ways to incorporate these things in your life. Give your audience ideas like different recipes, outfits, etc. to make their lives easier. The more innovative you present your product, the more likely people will purchase it.

3. Can you show your product off? The best products are the ones that people are proud to have. You want people to want to spread the word for you. When you create a product that is appealing, people can use blogs or social media to incorporate their own how-tos for your product. This will make even more opportunities for prospective customers. If you are unsure of whether someone will be like “That is so cool! Where can I get that?”, you need to enhance you product by adding some new features in order to bring your product to that level.

4. Does your product create a community? Do you give your prospects a reason to get together? Yes, you can get people together by having a large discount sale of your product, but think farther than that. Think of events like food or drink tastings to test your new products and flavors out. Think of pop-up shops that give free makeovers or test other kinds of products on people. When you have events like these, you get to advertise, test out your products to see what works and what doesn’t and give people a chance to try out your products so that they are more confident in purchasing them.

These are some of the many questions you can ask yourself when you’re in a marketing rut. This is most helpful for those that are small businesses looking to expand. With questions, comes answers and the ability to move forward. You don’t want to stay safe and just have the potential customers you now have. You want to push yourself in order to build your brand to become something bigger.