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Louis Vuitton: Interactive Advertising

March 12, 2013

By using an activity common throughout an audience, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has found a way to incorporate their brand into everyday life. “The Art of Packing” is an interactive experience by Louis Vuitton that allows the brand to present not only its luggage collection, but it’s apparel, shoes and many other products.


“The Art of Packing” Video

The interactive site allows the audience to see what is necessary for a fashionable trip with instruction as to how to pack in a smart way. The site gives people a step-by-step procedure to packing including the order and placement of certain things. It also shows how certain pieces of clothing should be folded to be the most space efficient.


By allowing users to engage in the products interactively, people are able to see how the products look with other everyday things. They can also see how convenient certain products like make up bags and luggage compartments are to convince users to purchase them. The 3D aspect of the products also give users a feel to what the items look like as a whole as if they were looking at it in person at a store. Interactivity is one of the most sought after forms of advertising as people have fun using the products before even purchasing them.