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Helpful Advertising: Y&R for Hurricane Sandy

March 14, 2013

Although Hurricane Sandy was months ago, there are still many families and communities suffering from the aftereffects of the catastrophe. Through social media sites like Pinterest, Y&R started a collaborative Pinterest called “Helpin” as a Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

This is a collaborative project that allows families to pin the things they are in need of for  others to purchase for them in the dire situation. The pins each link to an Amazon registry for the family to make an easy transaction. Each family can have their own Pinterest board stating what necessities they need. What’s great about Pinterest is the community aspect of this social media source. People can pin things onto their board and their followers will see them and so on in a chain effect. This allows the news to spread and find more people to help the cause.

This kind of advertising makes the industry seem more human and emotional. It shows that businesses do care about the people and wish for the best for all audiences. It’s important to instill this thought through the minds of others so that advertisers few more relevant to their clientele.