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OREO: Conquering the World Socially

March 8, 2013

OREO won the “Social Media Bowl” by shooting out their instantaneous “Dunk in the Dark” ad through Twitter during the blackout. However, this wasn’t the first time OREO conquered through social media. For the popular cookie’s 100th birthday, the Oreo Daily Twist made numerous ads from June 25 – October 2, 2012 (100 days) incorporating the cookie with current news.

Oreo Daily Twist Campaign Video

The first Oreo Daily Twist Ad fell on “Gay Pride Day”, a day when supporters and members of the LGBT community could participate in the Gay Pride Parade held in New York City. OREO showed their support through the rainbow creme cookie ad shown above. This ad was followed by many creative ads that were spread throughout the web on all social media networks leading to a wildly popular campaign. The campaign was so popular that after October 2, people were begging for more ads when the 100 days were over. This lead to a demand for OREO advertising that they never imagined.

The quirkiness of these ads are what captured audiences and lead them to spread the news to those around them. The success of the Oreo Daily Twist campaign shows what an impact creativity and social media can have on the public.