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Twilio: Cost-Effective Communication for Small Businesses

January 22, 2013

Asahi Technologies presents “Twilio” as the new leading communications application platform interface (API) by enabling users to embed voice messaging and Voiceover Internet Protocol (voIP) into its applications for business communication. This useful API presents easy communication of the highest quality, giving small businesses an advantage to make it in the industry compared to companies with larger funds.

Twilio is seen to become the future of telecommunications due to its simple usage, advanced quality and cost-effectiveness. It allows typical web languages to instill SMS messaging and voice applications globally using short codes. International languages are also capable including Chinese, Russian and Greek.

In 2011, Twilio enhanced its customer base by 400% with customers including Uber, Ebay, Hulu, Walmart, Intuit, LinkedIn, GroupMe and many others. This platform allowed such companies to send and receive SMS messages from the U.S. and Canada to over 150 countries all over the globe.

With application features such as API Queing, Usage API and call recording, it is the ideal communications platform for a small business. By meeting the requirements necessary for a business communications platform and the budget of a cost-efficient business, Twilio is bound to be the leading API platform.