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Fashion Magazines Refining E-Commerce

August 20, 2013

With the falling ad sales, fashion magazines have steered towards new revenue opportunities through e-commerce. Lucky Magazine recently launched MyLuckyMag.com, allowing visitors to shop from various large retailers including Saks and Sephora. This jump into e-commerce gives the magazine a cut of the sales ranging from 3%-15%.

Fashion magazines have noticed an increase in traffic through their websites. This is due to the fact that it’s free compared to the $4 you would normally spend on the physical magazine. Blogs are also a big reason for this turn as people feel more connected to advice from the streets and everyday people that steer closer to home. The daily newsletters e-mailed to subscribers also keep the traffic as viewers continue to come back once they see something they’d like to know more about. This increase makes the perfect opportunity for Lucky to dive into the e-commerce market.

MyLuckyMag.com allows viewers to easily see the products that relate to the articles and link them to exactly where they can purchase them. As of now, shoppers are redirected to participating websites but eventually, shoppers will be able to complete transactions without leaving MyLuckyMag.com.

Although shoppers would have to complete transactions on a third-party site, Lucky allows users to add products to their cart with a single click. This saves time and also keeps them attached to the Lucky website rather than just sending them away to a store’s website. With this cart on their website, Lucky also alerts shoppers if something in their cart goes on sale on the third-party website it’s sold. This cart allows for people to shop from various third-party websites within one shopping cart, making it easier for shoppers.