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Your E-Commerce Through Cafepress

August 21, 2013

It all started with an idea back in 1999 when Cafepress brought customizable retail e-commerce to life to millions of people.  The website allows people to create their own designs and place them on pretty much anything from shirts, sweaters, posters, cups, keychains, etc. This strictly e-commerce company gives everyday people and startup companies the chance to brand anything from pop culture to favorite interests to market themselves.

Click here to watch the Cafepress 2.0 video!

With over 2 million shops, over 11 million visitors and over 6 million shipments annually, they decided to advance their website potential to better service the people. Cafepress 2.0 makes the whole process simpler for people with its easy online design tools. You can upload whatever image you’d like right onto the site and preview what it looks like on any product that is offered through Cafepress. If you don’t like how it looks, you can just change the image until you are pleased with your final design. This capability of previewing how your design is on each product saves you time and money without having a trial and error process.

What is also included in this upgraded Cafepress website is the new menu that includes a dashboard. With the dashboard, you are able to track and analyze your sales over time so you have your analytics as a record online for you within your account. You can also follow other designers and have them follow you so your marketing strategy is expanded. Social media is also included as people can broadcast their purchases from you through Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Once they purchase an item, a pop up will appear that allows them to share the purchase and your social marketing will grow.