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Stay Tuned: 72 Poplar St.

August 19, 2013

Van West Media recently branded 72 Poplar St., a beautiful 14 condominium residence located in the Brooklyn Heights. The newly-renovated residence’s estimated opening is currently Fall 2013 and we are in the process of designing and developing the new website for the opening.

With its beautiful brick facade and historical surroundings, 72 Poplar St. represents the turn-of-the-century vision that captures the historical aspects of Brooklyn Heights and combines it with modern, geometric design. With this in mind, Van West Media created a logo that includes a block-lettered serif font and a font with an elegant script-like nature. The combination of these opposing yet complementary typefaces allows for people to see how combining two things of opposite natures can create something beautiful. This relates to the historical surroundings of 72 Poplar in relation to the modern interior of the new condominiums.

Similar to the logo design, the website itself is also based on that same thought process where historical meets modern. By using modern and geometric details in the wireframe design, viewers can see how the historical images of the building’s exterior as it stands in relation to its modern interior. The condominiums themselves have a more geometric and futuristic feel while the exterior of the building remains the same with its brick facade and large windows. The wireframe details and design clearly reflect the building itself and represents what the renovation of 72 Poplar St. is all about.

As Fall 2013 approaches, 72 Poplar St. will be open to the public as 14 newly-renovated condominiums. We are excited to see the completion of the interior and hope the public will be thrilled with the outcome as well. This new condominium residence is sure to be something worth seeing as the exploration of new and old design are combined in this beautiful architecture.