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Embrace the Good and Bad of Brand Engagement

November 11, 2013

Social media gives brands an opportunity to reach out to their audience and respond to their customer’s needs instantly. However, many brands make the mistake of only responding to negative reviews from their customers. Promotional statuses are just as valuable, if not even more valuable, than the ones that are complaints.

People like telling their friends and family about their great moments and when you have a customer that is happy using your product, you should be proud. Once mentioned, conversations can be started with not only the tweeter, but with his/her followers that respond, retweet, favorite or like as well. The effort of a customer tagging you should be one to recognize, especially if that status is stirring up responses from several other people.

Although GeniusPack didn’t respond to Scott’s positive tweet, they immediately responded to his negative tweet. When customers actually tag the brand itself in a status, they are reaching out and looking for a response. Any opportunity for engagement should be taken so that customers feel like they are important to brands. It’s not to say that brands need to necessarily respond to every single mention, but responding to both positive and negative comments from customers is important.

Whether it is a retweet, like, favorite or response, acknowledge those that mention you. Positive feedback is like your customer holding their hand up and all they want is a high-five back so acknowledge them with some thanks. Negative feedback is there for you to reach out and apologize or right the wrongs. Responding will make those feel like you really care and will keep your loyal customers.