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The Effect of Story Branding

November 8, 2013

Stories, unlike random facts, give your viewers a memorable idea. Your brand’s story will resonate with your target market and bring them closer to your company. They allow you to connect the different aspects of your brand’s history, current status and future to understand your importance.

You need a beginning, middle and end. Just like you won’t watch a movie when it’s already halfway through, people don’t want to see just see where you are now and wonder how you got there. Background history about the products, brand name, company itself or the founder give way to understanding. When people see the struggles and inspirations and values that underlie your brand, they will feel a connection that leads to emotional brand attachment and loyalty.

Characters are a must because who else are your viewers going to relate to. From commercials and print ads, you should have either a character that represents your brand or a demographic that does. Whether it is a cartoon like the Trix rabbit or someone real like the red-headed girl in the Wendy’s commercials, you need someone that people see and associate with your brand.

Storylines allow for messages to be placed in the minds of their viewers. These two characters share a similar storyline that make the products seem exclusive. That is the key to both of these marketing strategies. The Trix rabbit yearns for the cereal but the kids always manage to keep him away and the Wendy’s girl, on the other hand, has the exclusive Wendy’s sandwich that everyone else wants to get from her. Though these characters play opposing roles, the message sent is still the same: exclusivity.

“Want to see a funny video?”
“Want to see the cutest thing ever?”
“Did you see that new _____ commerical?”

Those are questions you want your viewers to ask about your story. Is your story worth retelling? This is a major aspect of this marketing tactic. You want to tell a story that is worth sharing to your viewers that will continue to spread to others. Storytelling goes hand-in-hand with things like social media as the ability to share connects the two. Create content in a story that is worth retelling and through that, you will have a widespread viewership that can enhance your brand and build more prospects.