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Content Creation Marketing Research Strategy

October 17, 2013

Content marketing depends not only on the content itself. There are many aspects to consider including the platform used, the audience and much more.

Platform: Over 70% of marketeers cite websites and social media as it is the most used forms of content. This provides a base for your business as you are in full control of what content goes into them. Your website should be set overall, with a few updates to some pages as recent news and offers arise. People who have been to your website previously should expect to understand the navigation the next time they visit. In the same sense, hose who follow you on social media should also be aware of your voice and the type of things that you post. Along with this, you need to understand how critical it is to be available on the go. If your business isn’t accessible on a smartphone or tablet, you are risking being left out of this area of business.

Audience: Are you a B2B or B2C company? It’s important to understand what kind of audience you are catering for as there are different ways to go about content marketing. B2B marketeers use traditional elements of marketing including white papers and case studies. Compared to B2C , B2B marketeers use these tactics more as it reaches larger audiences. 52% of B2B companies use white papers compared to 10% of B2C companies. Also, 51% of B2B companies use case studies compared to 9% of B2C companies.

Creation: What content are you putting out there? From images to videos to formatting text, there are different influences on your audience when it comes to what you are posting. Over 70% of marketeers use images as the advantage of seeing other people participating in your offers attracts an audience. Images such as infographics are also easy to share and are easier to understand than blocks of text. Videos are also easily sharable but have bigger risks. Yes, it can tell the story but it takes up time and is very expensive. You need to analyze length of the video and whether you have the budget for this method. Over 25% of marketeers find video production to be very difficult. Long content formats are also seen as challenging to roughly 20% of marketeers. This includes white papers, case studies and ebooks.

From platform, audience and creation, there are many aspects to content marketing to analyze. You need to offer a variety of content to reach the most people. By thinking about what content to create, where to create it and who you are creating it for, you will be able to make the most of your content.