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Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tactics

December 19, 2012

Statistics say that holiday spending makes up over 25% of one’s overall online purchases each year. That is an incredulous amount compared to the purchases made the rest of the year. It is important to take advantage of this time as people are more likely to splurge. Here are some tips to help your business flourish during the holiday season:

1. Easy to find holiday gift ideas. Categorize your site under tags such as “Gifts under $50” or “Popular Gifts for Him/Her” under SEO for consumers to find it easily. Put these links and tabs on the homepage as well.

2. Show your love for mobile users. Optimizing your site for mobile phone and tablet users makes it easier for the “First come, first serve” option for holiday savings for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

3. Go Social. Give special deals on Facebook, Twitter, etc to make consumers feel special and have advantages for finding your business socially. People like to feel like they’re getting something others aren’t by going the extra mile.

4. Decorate EVERYWHERE. Whether it’s the actual store front or the homepage of a website, make it look like it’s made for the holidays. It draws people in and shows the effort put out there for customers to see.

5. Offer FREE things. From free shipping to free gift wrapping, customers LOVE pretty much anything they can get for free. It’s one of those words that grabs people’s attention at first glance and then do they analyze what’s actually in store for them.