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Adidas: Jump with Derrick Rose

August 6, 2013

Many ads use celebrities to promote their products by having them quote their taglines or show them using their products. This is seen everywhere, but Adidas made a great twist on this using simplicity and emotional value.

This commercial first shows Derrick Rose going into a neighborhood filled with fans that look up to him as a great athlete and through this, Adidas is able to grasp the awe from their audience. Rose then allows the kids into the Adidas “Jump” store with him. With the sneakers placed very high, he gives the audience a chance to “jump” with him to obtain these sneakers. Whether it is through people jumping themselves or with help from others, many of the kids are able to obtain a pair of these Adidas sneakers by “jumping with Rose”.

Click here to watch the “Jump with Derrick Rose” video

This concept was very simple as the community in awe of Derrick Rose was able to eventually partake in an activity with the athlete and basically become just like him. These Derrick Rose Adidas sneakers portrayed that if you were to wear those sneakers, you’d be able to jump higher and in turn, become a better basketball player. Adidas didn’t make Rose wear the sneakers to show that that was the reason he was a great athlete but rather gave ordinary people the hope that these sneakers would improve their skills to become just like Rose himself.

This type of advertising gave into emotions by combining the idea of awe and hope in relation to Derrick Rose. This combination of marketing reflects the improvements that come with the Adidas sneakers themselves and the hopeful idea of the future that comes with it. Rather than a hard sell, Adidas and Rose made a strong impact on their audience through this method and the influence was much greater in the long run.