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Fantasy Interactive Uses Reverse Pitch Process

August 1, 2013

Most marketing pitches involve clients calling in advertisers to vamp up their brand and company. Fantasy Interactive, a digital-driven advertiser, went in another route as they flipped the situation. They went out and just published a vision for how travel and aviation could be proved online.

Fantasy Interactive
Fantasy Interactive's Reverse Pitch Process

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The digital advertising company reached out to clients based on their research and understanding of what is necessary out there. What’s great about this is that they didn’t just sit back and wait for people to call them for opportunities but that they went out and made opportunities themselves. This is the smartest way to ensure you will always be in the market with clients. Fantasy Interactive even used social media for involvement as they tweeted different airline companies to view this video. By using this method, Fantasy Interactive make the marketing world a 2-way street, where advertisers can now see the opportunity to reach other to clients just as they are reached out to themselves.

FI tweets
Fantasy Interactive tweets several airline companies to market themselves.