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Make Small Spaces Big 360 with IKEA

August 16, 2013

IKEA presented the “Make Small Spaces Big 360” video to give you the tips and ideas to make your home, regardless of space. It allows you to personalize and create your home to its fullest potential with the use of IKEA products and furniture through e-commerce.

Small spaces is a common problem for many, especially for those who reside in the city or some other urban area. By incorporating their own products into these ideas, people are more likely to purchase them and recreate their homes in the same manner. Through their website, you can watch the video with tutorials, search the different rooms and directly find each piece of furniture or product with their prices.

IKEA products are also known for their personalization capabilities from color, finish, shelving units, hooks, lights, drawers, handles, etc. This aspect helps people decide to purchase the products as well so that they can have the convenience of each product yet still have them personalized for themselves. When you are on a product page, there are also several options directly on the page that tell you what you can personalize so that you don’t have to wonder what you can actually change. Relative items that go well with the product and those that are also in the same collection are also displayed on each page as well. This way of convincing consumers to purchase several things to have a unified home is very successful for IKEA.

What’s also included on the website is social media, which adds on to this concept more. By incorporating Twitter and Facebook to the page, IKEA encourages people to spread their ideas on the website as well. This gives community involvement and more insight on what you can do with the products at IKEA. It also gives incentives to show that these products have multiple capabilites and are successful in this manner through reviews from others. You aren’t the tester because many have already tried these products and incorporated them into their own homes previously. This encourages you to trust IKEA products and purchase them whether you are online or in the store.

By giving the people everything they need from the ideas and tips to complementary furniture directly on their website, IKEA really paves the road for the customer when they have to decorate a home. People don’t have to go into heavy research online through other websites and can easily find everything they need on the IKEA website itself. This allows for the likelihood that people will buy all of their home goods at IKEA because of the lack of a third-party site to steer them away from the idea of purchasing products there.