Ozzy Osbourne’s Digital Reign: Prince of Darkness Online

It's not every day you get a chance to build a website for a multi-platinum artist who's been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. VWM was thrilled to be selected to build a new website for the Prince of Darkness himself - Ozzy Osbourne! The Ozzy.com site was a big undertaking with unique challenges. Ozzy is still touring and creating new songs and albums.

We designed and built a new Ozzy website from the ground-up. Thoughtful analysis went into re-constructing the prior navigation with a careful understanding different roles each section of the website played in communicating and attracting a core Ozzy fanbase. Detailed sitemap work was created to better understand the inter-relationships between various content types.

A complex back-end 'broadcasting' functionality was deployed to populate dynamic content across different pages. This allowed for publishing content anywhere within the site that could be distributed to a timeline, ensuring multiple sections were continually up to date - new events, songs, appearances etc.

Van West Media takes pride in being thorough and concise in all the websites we design and build. Our detailed design notes and functionality specifications help provide the programming team with clear guidance in building out the complexities of sites like Ozzy.com. For instance, it was decided early on that a streaming importer feature would be used to pull in data from streaming services. With this feature, every track is treated as a separate piece of content, and each track has a Spotify URI/Apple Music/Deezer URL associated with it. This was just one of many design and development complexities required in this site.

The recent launch of the Ozzy.com site has refreshed his online presence and created new enthusiasm for the brand that is Ozzy, Prince of Darkness!

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