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Warby Parker: Home Try-on Program

August 13, 2013

Warby Parker markets through e-commerce in the most efficient way possible. By incorporating social media and client fun, they have maximized their potential. With their “Home Try-on Program,” customers are able to try on 5 different pairs of glasses for 5 days 100% free. This sounds like an incredible deal but it is 100% true with no hidden fees.

By giving customers the opportunity to try their products, people are able to test them out and show them off to their friends. This allows for word-of-mouth branding and actually presenting the glasses to others. Warby Parker encourages people to take pictures with each of the glasses they choose and to ask them to ask friends to vote for which one they like best. Shipping both ways is free and once you pick your favorite frame, they will ship you a new one right over.

This marketing technique spreads the word of the brand itself and also makes customers happy as well. Warby Parker has been seen all over social media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The encouragement of sharing the product to get opinions through likes and comments raises brand awareness in the best possible way. E-commerce is very popular and this is a great way to stand out among the rest. With the customer in mind, Warby Parker has come a long way through this marketing process.