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Wanelo: Social E-Commerce

August 12, 2013

Companies have headed towards e-commerce to reach a broader audience but with the amount of things on the web, what can make them stand out to the people that want their products? Wanelo, an online social community, helps connect people with the exact things they are looking for on the web.

Popular social sites like Tumblr show many products worn, used and displayed by others that are unique and trendy. Teens from all over are in awe of these things, wondering where they can purchase these products. Fortunately, Wanelo makes their dreams come true. This site takes these trendy images and finds the specific products for you with a link to the third-party site that sells them. This eliminates the time for people to look for the products throughout the millions of pages on the web, making both the consumers and third-party merchants happy.

Not only is this process simplified for everyone, but it is also successful in that it is based on the social aspect. People can like, save, and post products on other social media networks including Facebook and Twitter as well. Through this, not only do the third-party merchants reach each individual buyer, but they are also able to reach out to their friends and family with mutual interests. This process makes for easily spreadable e-commerce and allows it to reach its highest potential.

When you connect a social aspect to your marketing, the potential increases exponentially. By allowing the people to advertise for you, you do less work and gain much more from this process. Popular items on your site are directly linked to interested people, making an increase in the click-through rate and positive sales. E-commerce is a great investment for your company, but if you include social media into this process you will have more success.