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UUCSR Relaunches with Van West Media

December 4, 2013

As a longstanding congregation, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock (UUCSR) has a large community of those with strong faith in its heritage. With the large amount of content including history, events, photos and more, the organization needed an updated website to preserve and present their content to others. Van West Media was able to align the brand’s voice with a unique design to instill UUCSR’s vision with its prospective community.

New United Unitarian Congregation at Shelter Rock (UUSCR) website by Van West Media

UUCSR wanted a website that was easily navigable by both members of the organization and those in the prospective community. For members, the backend had to be organized in an understandable manner for future access and edits while the front end needed to be easily navigable for visitors for informative purposes. The dropdown menu as well as the left side navigation menu allows those on the site to easily access any page. For example, the links for “Upcoming Services,” “Event Calendar,” and “Join the Community” were strategically placed on every page to incentivize visitors to take action with the organization.

Drop-down Navigation on New UUCSR Website
Left Side Navigation Bar on New UUSCR Website

The brand’s vision and voice is reflected through the soft and playful colors, typefaces and icons used. The design allows for easy-to-read information with a playful twist that is also inviting. The website really portrays itself as an extension of the organization itself and will definitely help to build its online community. Visitors are constantly urged to make pledges, become members, attend events and learn more about UUCSR throughout the site. By integrating the congregation with the an updated design and incorporating the latest social media trends, the website will ensure more sustainability of the organization for the future.

Van West Media is proud to present the new UUCSR website, which is flexible, informative and dynamic as well as easy to maintain. The faith and reach is clearly shown throughout the website and constantly urges those visiting to participate. As the website is both appealing and up to date with the latest trends on the web, the United Unitarian Community at Shelter Rock is sure to cultivate more members, donations and participants in the foreseeable future.