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The Types of Content You Need For Social Media

December 5, 2013

The success of your social media networks highly depends on the content you present to your audience. It’s important to understand what kind of content is the most effective in order to gain the most followers and social media presence. Here are the best types of content for social media marketing:


News; you can find it anywhere from the internet to newspapers to television to word-of-mouth. However, most people from this generation turn to the internet mainly for news reports. Take advantage of news stories that work well with your product or services. For example, Paul Walker’s recent death was very unfortunate and the release of the Fast and Furious 6 DVDs couldn’t have been released at a better time from a marketing standpoint. The commercials for the DVDs were immediately edited to include a commemoratory montage for Paul Walker followed by message stating that a portion of the sales would be donated to Walker’s charity Reach Out Worldwide. Link current events to your product and people will relate and more likely participate.

Educational information including how-to’s and styling are next on the list. Most people need as much information about what you’re offering before they can commit to your product or services. By giving them how-to’s including styling accessories or incorporating your product into a cooking recipe, you are giving your consumers more than they ask for. New and creative ideas inspire people and with that spark of inspiration comes the purchase of what you have to offer. It is from these ideas that make sites like Pinterest so appealing to those trying to change up their lives or those that have some downtime. By giving people more information about how to use your product, you take those out of their comfort zone and pave the road to new experiences for them.

Consumer input goes a long way. Relevant to the the previous point of giving information about your product, let your consumers give their part as well. Have a feed or gallery of how others have used your product. Whether it is the different outfits they created or the recipes they came up with, more contributors mean more ideas. Ideas are endless and you don’t want to miss out on any! Allow for reviews including likes and comments to increase shareability and feedback. Not everyone has the same taste and not everyone has the same body type so feedback from all different types of people will make a more rounded opinion of what you’re offering.


Entertaining content is also highly shareable content. It can be anything from something funny to really inventive. For example, Cake Wrecks decided to create cakes for their “National Dump Your Significant Jerk Week.” Yes, you read it right and the humor is relative to many and humorous. The celebratory week may not be a real holiday, but Cake Wrecks has definitely made some hilarious cakes out of it such as their “It’s Not You. It’s Me” cake. Cakes are usually given to celebrate something and obviously isn’t usually used to break up with someone but this ironic twist is what breaks this cake business out of the box.

These ideas are the most popular types of content on the web with numerous amounts of sharing throughout all social media networks and websites. Social media marketing discussions are ones that you want to spread virally to order to gain more followers and convert them into leads. You need a variety of different types of content in order to succeed and not bore your audience. Take these into account and watch your network grow.