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The New Black: A Color, A Brand, A Symbol, An Idea.

March 4, 2013

Black. What does that word evoke in you? Is it just a color or does it have more meaning than that? Colors are a sense of language that exceeds any other. They are universally known yet each color can evoke different emotions and reactions from an audience. The color black is the most used in the world and is the most versatile as well. It can stand for both absence of light in science or a mixture of all colors in art. This project shows that an idea or brand can be conveyed through anything including a color.

new black

The “New Black” Video

Nick Black, 22, a Mason Gross of the Arts graphic design student at Rutgers University New Brunswick developed a collaborative project based on the usage of art and design. Through this “New Black” campaign, the color will be conveyed through the combination of what it means to everyone. It transforms “black” into a crowd-sourced custom color, giving everyone an opportunity to present their ideas and messages to this color campaign. As the color black is involved in every area including science, art, and history everyone has a stance on what this color means for them.

because black

This campaign represents how design impacts audiences and how messages can be conveyed through art. The design and development of this campaign takes a simple idea that resonates through audiences all over and creates something special for everyone to hold dear as they participate in this collaboration. The “New Black” campaign is a great way to bring others together, create art and help those who underestimate the power of design to understand how it can define everything around us.

Help turn this idea into something even bigger.