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The Future of Blogging

May 24, 2013

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a voice. Blogging makes it heard. The execution of the concept is simple but what is the psychology behind it? There are many levels of this process.


Creativity. Blogging is an artistic experience. It inspires us. It paints pictures of our experiences by expressing our thoughts. This outlet of expression helps us to explain, vent and learn through ourselves and those who react to our blog posts. By using feelings and emotions to convey messages about things around us, a new insight is seen and a deeper than surface connection is made.

Social. Communication through blogging builds relationships stronger than those on other social media networks. Through sites like Tumblr and Livejournal, people take their lives and pour themselves out like an opened paint can dumped onto a blank canvas.  Whether it’s through words, images or videos, something deep within the writer is let out and exposed for others to see. These deep thoughts help to relate and compare to others and can also link to others relevant to you on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Identity. Bloggers discover themselves more through research, passion and expression. Through this, you will also have ideas that others with similar interests will find valuable.  Your voice will be heard by others and your readers can relate to your stories and give advice to improve your writing to build your identity.

Business. Through a personal or professional standpoint, blogging makes a difference in presenting oneself to the world. A blog goes much deeper into who you are as a person compared to a simple resume of previous job experiences. It tells of how your experiences have personally affected you and how you use them. Professionals like to see you enjoy what you do to see what you can bring to their company. If you have a blog showing your outfits, recipes, or photos of the day, these show the passion you have for these fields. Professional life in regards to such will captivate your love for the field and see you as a qualifying employee.


Blogging has so much to offer as it is FREE and makes a difference. Anything goes. However, it’s also important to be careful as whatever goes on the internet is up for the public eye. Identity and reputation is everything. It is what makes you or breaks you so be careful. It you take blogging and revolutionize yourself how you want, the possibilities are endless as mediums may change but as far as technology is headed, blogging will be the future of everything.