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FREE Premium Content Upgrades

May 22, 2013

Mobile users know the annoyance of having ads invade your applications but paying for a premium app seems unnecessary as well. Advertisers have decided to work with customers in this process by viewing ads to gain access to in-app premium content. By using this method, marketers are able to convey their message to the people in exchange for something customers really want.


A study surveying 2000+ mobile-device users show that 67% of smartphone users and 73% of tablet users have participated in this exchange. Reports also show that 70% of smartphone users and 53% of tablet users were willing to go as far as to exchange personal information to gain the premium app access. This exchange has proven to give the best of both worlds as marketeers are able to obtain information and gain leads while customers get “free” access to premium apps.

Mobile device owners have demonstrated that they’re willing to interact with a brand by exchanging their time (ad-views) and personal data for free digital content,” said Jordan McKee, analyst at Yankee Group, in a statement. “Since users choose to take part in this exchange, the engagement can be far more meaningful and powerful than pop-up, banner or television advertisements. Marketers that opt to leverage this model have the potential to realize robust engagement rates because their mobile audiences view the exchange as worthwhile.”


This study is yet another example of how effective it is to “give a little to gain a little” in the advertising industry. By saving people money and giving them what they want, you gain information and in turn, can obtain more leads and profits in this manner.