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Stumped? Time to get creative.

November 13, 2012

During my weekly scan of blogs and articles, I came across a great one on entrueprenuer.com called Starting a Creativity Consultant Business.  The article is clear, interesting, and worth a read…check it out here.

The article not only reminded me of the importance of a Creativity Consultant, but the importance of creative thinking in general.  After all, without creative thinkers, the world would be void of this:

And who wants that?

All jokes aside, starting and maintaining a business in this faulty economy can be a daunting and seemingly impossible task.  Your revenue may be low, your contacts non-existant and your moral vanished.

This calls for the work of a Creativity Consultant.  Creativity Consultants provide an outside perspective to your business, lead creative workshops, brainstorm product ideas, marketing ideas, and more.  They are essential to any business, as is creativity.

Doubtful?  Let’s keep talking.

When a business grows slowly (or not at all) we tend to get so overwhelmed with its negative aspects that we ignore the positive.  Its the positive that will get us work, but without creativity you’ll never see that.  Staying creative also gives us the fuel to invent new products, marketing ideas, concepts, branding, and more.  It keeps us a key player in which ever market we’re playing.

The greatest modern example of business ingenuity is Apple.  What are they famous for?  Great products?  Sure.  Sleek design.  Okay.  Where does this all start?  Creativity.

Apple defines creativity in a business practice, and their creative capabilities is what kept them afloat when they were drowning in the 90s.  Their ability to re-charge, re-think, re-present, and re-invent is what separates them from the rest.  Its their creativity that’s kept them thriving, and their creativity that makes them our finest example of success meeting ingenuity.

What specifically would a Creativity Consultant do for your business?  How about leading your team through a series of workshops to build their creativity?  Workshops like writing exercises, charades, word association and more work wonders in the neurons of your brain.  Staying creative re-wires your thinking keeping you capable of new ideas.  As a business owner, you must be master of new ideas.

Perhaps you’re not interested in hiring a creativity consultant.  That’s fair.  If so you must find ways of staying creative.  Become obsessed with creativity.  Go on walks during your lunch break.  Try sitting in a different place in the office.  Do whatever you need to do to stay creative.  If you get stumped, email us.  We’re creatively obsessed and we want you to thrive.

Already creative?  Let us know how.  Creativity breeds more creativity.